Re Eksperts

Real estate valuation

  • apartments;
  • private houses;
  • land plots (for individual and commercial buildings);
  • commercial premises;
  • commercial buildings, including administrative buildings, apartment houses, production facilities;
  • other specific objects such as guest houses, mineral deposits, agricultural production complexes, etc.

According to customers’ desires the property values may be determined also for “future” technical or legal status (after construction of building, repairing works, project harmonization, etc.) or for some date of the past.  Also according to a customers’ desires we can determine a value for a part of a property.

RE eksperts prepares conclusions for all possible purposes – loan security, determination of purchase/sale price, for financial report needs, inheritance matters, legal proceedings (property distribution, divorce matters, for determination of compensation for losses, etc.), investor attraction, investment in a company fixed assets, compulsory acquisition for a company needs or in the event of court proceedings.

Other Services

Rental/hire analysis

Moveable property valuation

Analysis for the construction idea influence to environment

Forest crop valuation

Preparation of detailed real property market reviews

Consultations for issues related to a real property

We are specialized in property valuation only –
therefore we are professionals in our field!